Health-charcoal socks
@ What is Health-charcoal socks?
* It made up of being mixed the charcoal having the mysterious efficacies with chemical textile, poly-ester.
* It the best the present that the nature presents the human being as the new generational health product
combining the utility by the strength of chemical textile, the softness of health charcoal, and utility.
@ Effects
* Good absorption & ventilation. Control the offensive smell of foot through the strong antimicrobial effect.
* Prevents the foot from the propagation of athlete's foot by contolling harmful bacillus.
* Excellent wearing feel with porous particle
* Performs various naturally functional effects beneficial to the human body with the health coal
* Promote the blood circulation by the elution of far infrared ray

Elvan Bathing Towel
The bathing towel beneficial to the human body & beauty basically different from the existing bathing towels made in nylon yarn or viscose yarn.
(1) The premium-class sanitary & healthy towel containing the elements of elvan for the first time in the world.
(2) It would not be the overstatement that you will choose our product, Sanitary Elvan Bathing-towel for your bath.
(3) It's strongly recommended that you should choose the bathing-towel which is beneficial to beauty and the body.

Health-charcoal Panty

@ Effects & features of health-charcoal panty
* Control offensive smell through the strong microbial effect by features of health charcoal, absorption, ventilation.
 * Promote the blood circulation by the elusion of far infrared ray. Prevents leucorrhea
 * Prevents the skin diseases such as atopic skin diseases through the various functions by health charcoal as the product is made up of 100% health-charcoal yarn.
 * Excellent wearing sense by porous elements of health charcoal. It gives the cleanness people by absorbing harmful & impure bacillus.
 * Enhance the health by the various natural functions & body-frendly element of health charcoal
 * No problem with washing in general washer. No decoloration & deterioration. Keeps the orginal elements of health charcoal.

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